Comments on the Sony hack


That we live in the world where we aren’t sure if any given cyberattack is the work of a foreign government or a couple of guys should be scary to us all

Bruce Schneier – Comments on the Sony hack

Check Sony got hacked hard: what we know and what we don’t know so far from Wired for a broad synthesis of the hack or A breakdown and analysis of the December, 2014 Sony hack from Risk Based Security for a more detailed perspective.

Debian Lenny Vagrant base box


I was recently working on a project where they’re still using Debian 5.0 as their OS. Since I couldn’t find a Vagrant base box with it, I rolled up my sleeves and created my own, so here it is: felipelavinz/debian-lenny

In case you need to create another rare base box, you might want to check this excellent tutorial on creating a Vagrant base box as an starting point.


The new CAPTCHA method recently introduced by Google seems like an important improvement over the ever-more-sludgy letters we were getting used to see across the web.


It’s good to see that the use of CAPTCHAs as an anti-spam method it’s not yet a completely over discussion, and there are still some of us that believe that there are better, unobtrusive alternatives that should be explored, if not preferred.

For now, while CAPTCHAs still are a  requirement for some security audit policies, we can at least offer a better experience… Even if it’s just a cleverly disguised white-list


Online regex tester and debugger: JavaScript, Python, PHP, and PCRE — regular expressions are among the most powerful skills you can add to your own toolset. Learn by doing with this powerful and didactic tool.


The New Yorker just published an apples-and-oranges historical perspective on the W3C and web standards… A necessary background for understanding the way web technologies are born and blessed

What is film form? Educating your visual vocabulary


I used to think that film was just about a good story, compelling visuals and good acting. Tony Zhou’s vimeo channel features a series of videos called Every Fame a Painting where he de-constructs and analyzes the work of several directors on an fun and easy way to expose what makes film such a unique form of art


Are Interactive cards the next UI paradigm to take over your mobile device screen? No more screens full of icons


Troubleshooting gitolite SSH connection issues

We’re all agree that GitHub it’s pretty much the next best thing since sliced bread, but there will be times that we’ll need to host some repositories on our own server, and for that cases Gitolite it’s probably the best tool.

There are, however, several issues that you might find when trying to connect or creating an access for some user, and most likely they’ll be related to the SSH connection instead of gitolite itself, so here are a few tips to help you get around those issues.

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